High end mastering facility offering online mastering at the most Mastering & Mixing, top notch equipment (Maselec,Prism, Sontec..), top class sound and techniques to optimize and enhance your tracks.
web: www.solid-mastering.com

We work hard and dig deep into sound to always achieve a great sounding master of your music take advantages of the best existing tools, gears and techniques.

We provide Stem Mixing, Stem mastering, Stereo Mastering and Hard Mastering and online Mastering Services.
All our E-Mastering are analog with a real Analog Summing.

Our mastering studio is one of the only few to provide music analog mastering services with online mastering services with a real analog summing.
The stems mastering is a new and unrivaled technique to optimize and enhance your tracks.

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Gear highlights

  • Maselec
  • Chandler limited
  • Thermionic
  • Rupert Neve
  • Maley
  • Sontec
  • Dangerous Music
  • Foote
  • Burl
  • Prism
  • PMC
  • Gear list: http://solid-mastering.com/en/studio-2/

Genres I specialize in