Hello, How are you?
My name is Sanghun Kim. And I’m here as a remote session guitar player (nylon and steel-string acoustics, solid and semi-hollow electrics).

General playing style is based on improvise field and can able to approach some of popular/non-popular music/sound. Available to listen some of playing attitudes at www.sanghunkim.com.

For the recording, I use digital software with dynamic and condenser microphones through microphone preamp instead a style of plug/line in to the recording hardware directly.

Average delivery period between 2 (two) days and a month, depends on the quantities and schedules.

International remote session rates (2016),
00 ~ 15 minutes 2,000.00
16 ~ 45 minutes 4,000.00
46 ~ 60 minutes 5,000.00 USD
But if you are struggling financially? I would appreciate for your best.

In most of cases, It is going to be a pleasure to work with you.

Thank you for visiting this sound better page and have a good one,
July 6, 2016

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