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Civil Recording is a recording studio for all genres of music located in Denton, Texas and is the home studio for the Violitionist Sessions series. Civil is owned by engineer Michael Briggs. http://civilrecording.com http://facebook.com/civilrecording

Some reviews from past/current clients:
"Best recording experience I have ever had."
"...best place to record in Denton."
"Fast turn around and an all around awesome dude."
"Real smooth process and Michael doesn't get frustrated with mistakes..."
"Will definitely be recording with Michael again. Amazing recording experience and a cool cat."
"est recording experience in DFW. Michael Briggs is incredibly professional, easy to work with, and knows what he is doing. He offers very affordable rates, putting quality audio recording and mixing into the grasp of every musician. I wouldn't recommend anyone else."
"If you're thinking about going anywhere else in Denton for recordings, think again. Super professional recordings and Briggs knows what he is doing and a great guy to work with."
Read more reviews at http://facebook.com/civilrecording/reviews

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Big Hand // Big Knife

I was the recording, mixing and mastering engineer in this production

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