Session Guitarist/Mix Engineer

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I studied audio engineering and production at Middle Tennessee State University and then spent 5 years as a live/session guitarist, songwriter and producer in Nashville, TN before moving to NYC.

I'm a session guitarist and songwriter who also happens to love vocal comping and track editing. Let me help you polish your songs in any one (or even all) of those ways!

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"Light" by Galen Crew

I was the electric guitar & "siren guitar" player in this production

Gear Highlights
  • PRS Santana electric guitar
  • Breedlove acoustic guitar
  • Homemade Strat
  • Pro Tools 11 with Waves InPhase
  • CLA Bundle
  • Tune
  • Scheps 73
  • etc.
  • Fender Blues Jr amp
  • Strymon Timeline
  • plenty of overdrives
  • EHX Micro POG
  • etc.
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