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  1. Review by Heidi Korte
    by Heidi Korte

    Jordan is my go to person for mixing and mastering. Jordan is professional, talented, timely, reliable, humble and really great to work with. Jordan goes above and beyond to make sure that my dream and imagination for my track is realized That takes patience and generocity. As a newer artist I have appreciated each one of these aspects of working with him and I have complete confidence in entrusting my songs with him.
    Highly recommend.

  2. Review by Brian James
    by Brian James

    I’ve been very privileged to work with Jordan for many years as a mixer, masterer, producer and musician. His mixes have a depth and musicality that I haven’t found elsewhere. I know some really technical mixers and some really musical mixers but Jordan really hears the whole picture and goes the extra mile to have the tools he needs for a world class mix and master. I’m really grateful for the mixes that blew my mind immediately and also the mixes where he patiently took the time to find my vision for the tracks.

  3. Review by Carine Bado
    by Carine Bado

    Jordan has mixed many of my songs and they've made it to Canadian Christian Radios top charts. He has many years of experience and can adapt to different music genres to bring the best out the song. The ambiance at the studio is welcoming and relaxed, working with him surely was a great experience. We will definitely keep working together for future musical projects.

  4. Review by Drew Brown
    by Drew Brown

    I have worked with JJ a few times over the years. He has always been incredible to work with. Both as a mix and master engineer. I trust his instincts so much. He knows how to help shape the perfect vibe for the song and the genre. And not only
    does he do great work... but he shares his knowledge on mixing to help producers make better tracks. Definitely one of the best around. Also... have you seen his outboard gear?!? My god!!!!

  5. Review by Dana
    by Dana

    Jordan has mixed many songs for me over the years of varying complexity and always knows how to bring the right vibe to the song. Even when I’ve gone overboard on tracks he knows how to create the space the song needs, gets the highs sparkling and the lows warm and full. He’s basically been a magician for some of the demos I have sent to him!