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Forward Studios, designed with the ambition of creating the perfect balance between comfort and technology, represent one of the best recording, mixing and mastering facilities. Try our new online service. TOP QUALITY. LOW RATES.

It is made up 3 different studios:
1) Caesar Room, our primary studio represents one of the largest control room ever built in the world.
The acoustic treatment was made by Francis Manzella's FM Design Ltd, TEC Award-winning acoustic designer.
Thanks to the great Neve 88R 72Ch analog console, the studio allows you to live your music at the top.
2) Aurelius Room is the perfect example of Modern Studio. Its 45sqm surface offers a great combination between analogue and digital technology that will satisfy all of your needs.
Thanks to its modern control room, equipped with an SSL AWS-900+ 24Ch console and a comfortable live room, the Aurelius room will lead you from pre-production to mixing, turning your ideas into professional works at very competitive rates.
3) Augustus Room, designed and built by FM Design Ltd. di Mr. Francis Manzella, with a unique acoustic and some of the best equipment ever made, represents the first World-Class Mastering room in Italy.

Our "sound factory", is the best choice for your productions in terms of professional audio services, (recording, mixing and mastering) and for the relaxing atmosphere of the location; infact, it is built into an ancient Roman villa, that creates a great mix between beautiful surroundings and the comforts of the metropolitan area of Rome: the perfect enviroment for improving your productions.

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Deserto Rosso-Messico Lontano

I was the Mixing&Mastering Engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

mix will be delivered within 10 working days. one revision (within the next 48h) with no extra charge. If you want additional revisions (no more than 2), you will ask to pay 50% of regular costs.

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