8Bit consist of “the sound people” or “audio engineers” that adopt artistic production as their main focus. Beyond the usual and stereotyped ... 8Bit serves to professional audio productions. In this context, 8 Bit records,designs ,edits, mixes, and masters audial and visual themes

8Bit engineers use only worlds the best A class analog and digital audio equipments and try to get best audible result from any kind of sound material.

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Gear highlights

  • Neve Genesys
  • Neve 8801
  • Metric Hilo ULN-8
  • Protools HD
  • SPL Channel One
  • SPL Gold Mike
  • TL Audio Ebony
  • Genelec 1037
  • Adam A7
  • KRK VXT8
  • Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad System ...

Genres I specialize in

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