I am a Scottish audio engineer who specializes in mixing, with a versatile approach encompassing styles from jazz to death metal. I work to competitive turnaround times and equally competitive rates, and numerous past projects have been recipient of radio play and mainstream media coverage.

I have been producing records for roughly 5 years, and studying audio academically for 3. I completed my Sound Production HND at Edinburgh College in 2012, receiving an "A" grade, and graduated from the University of the Highlands and Islands with a BSc in Audio Engineering in 2014, with the intention to pursue my studies further at Master's level in future. I have attended and assisted sessions in studios across Edinburgh and surrounding areas, most notably the prestigious Castlesound, where I attended a 3-month applied production course in summer 2013, in addition to shadowing sessions. I have been mixing freelance under the name of "Bastion Audio" since 2011. Additionally, I am an experienced musician, specializing in drums, with a keen ear for musical detail.

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Terms of Service

For a mix and/or master, I will accommodate for as many revisions as are necessary. Fast first-draft turnaround, generally 3-5 days from receiving tracks. 50% of project fee must be paid upfront.

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Interview with Stewart McLachlan

Analog or digital and why?
Irrelevant. It's all about the music.
Can you share one music production tip?
Be fearless. As production technology advances and becomes more "democratic", you see production styles begin to homogenize, becoming increasingly competitive and gear-driven: ignore all that, disregard conventions, and make the records you want to make. There are no rules.
What type of music do you usually work on?
Completely varies. I'll take anything from soft rock to harsh noise.
Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.
Most commonly mixing or mastering pre-recorded songs from supplied stems.