Song Lyric Writer (Any Style)

I always say, you can only write what you know, and I know a lot. Though I can write typical mainstream songs, I actually love to write very deep intellectual and emotional songs that get under people's skin and mess with their minds. I also enjoy writing about subjects that no one else is singing about.

My song lyrics are extremely controversial, and push people to think more about things. Since society is so suppressed and dumbed down, if waking people up is not your thing, then move along.

I've been writing song lyrics for over twenty years, but only now allowing them to be performed and recorded. I change my writing style with each song, and most can be performed for any music and singing style, and even some specially written for two or more singers. I have over three-hundred song lyrics available, but for now I narrowed it down to thirty that I think will get the best response from the general public.

My lyrics are never for sale to anyone, but if you want to perform or produce any of my songs for non-profit purposes then you can use them for free as long as you give me credit everywhere the songs are available.

If you wish to make money by using any of my lyrics in any songs you produce or have produced by another, then I'll be open to the idea of possibly allowing them to be licensed or an agreement to royalty fees.

If I had to place a price value on just one of my songs, it would be no less than $500,000.00 a song. If you want the entire world to stop and listen to you, then my songs will do that for you.

If you are interested in reading over some of my song lyrics, I can send you a PDF file with thirty of my preselected song lyrics.

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.

Terms Of Service

Song lyrics will be provided in a published PDF with the terms and conditions for their use.