Hey guys, my name is Brad! I've been playing drums for over 13 years. I'm super versatile in all genres... However I specialize in Blues, Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Pop and Country. I'd love to see what you have and connect with anyone who likes my style. Feel free to send anything my way!

I'm based out of Charleston, SC. I love recording, editing and producing for bands and singers that need great quality live drum tracks. The process is very simple.

All you need to do is:

-Send me a rough mix of your song without drums (you can also send me a version of it with programmed drums, in case you have a specific drum beat you want)
-Make sure the version you send starts at 00.0
-Let me know what the exact BPM is

I'll record and I'll email you an MP3 of your song with the live drums

We'll discuss what needs to be changed, I'll re record the drums again and only once you're happy I'll send you all the tracks individually in Wav.

As a reminder.. The more information you give me about your song, the faster this process will be. I look forward to working with you and I know it'll sound great and be fun!

(Below are some of the tunes I've had the pleasure to help write and produce in)


Genres I specialize in

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