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Enisaurus is a Professional Illustrator & Animator with a love for powerful images, humor and positive characters, with a nice sauce of grainy textures, gradients and strong colors. He’s always open to opportunities for helping clients to reach their goals with the effective, unignorable and influential power of illustration.

Hey! I'm Enisaurus. A full-time freelance Illustrator and Animator, open to new opportunities.

I spend my life developing illustrations based on geometry, interesting concepts with a nice sauce of grainy textures, gradients and strong colors everything to help clients (like Adobe, Disney, Shake Shack, Pepsi, Harvard, The Washington Post, BMW, Dropbox, Cabify, UpWork, El País or Movistar) to make their services and products stand out in an overloaded sea of visual information.

Using illustration will be a huge difference in terms of engaging with your audience, making your music more interesting, elevating the concepts and ideas of your track to higher levels being supported by strong visuals, eye-catching animations that will help you to retain the interest in your music, keeping the attention of your audience until the music stops, making your track more recognizable and unforgettable.

A little bit about me:

I love to keep learning, working on personal projects, reading, sport climbing, cooking and traveling with my camper van.

My illustrations are influenced by my passion for great unconventional stories, everything from my childhood (80’s, 90’s and 00’s), nature, pop culture, art and graphic design, but also for the most common things that make life a more interesting, exciting, and sometimes disturbing, place to enjoy.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

Terms Of Service

These terms could change depending on the project. I always adapt them to the commission. Estimated terms: - 2 or 3 revisions - Same-day response - 2 sketches per illustration

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