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Looking for an experienced EDM ghost producer to turn your ideas into reality? Check out my demos and contact me. I offer free exclusive demo for good start of our new collaboration.


I'm a record producer from Poland with a 7-year experience as a professional. I'm mainly focusing on ghost production and coproduction of electronic music, specifically progressive house, deep house, electro house, future bass, bigroom house, future house, trance, and pop.

95% of my work is producing records for clients. Over the years, I developed an efficient way of working with other people ideas. The quality of my work comes from a number of reasons:
- I'm a classically trained musician,
- I'm a music making hobbyist since 2001 which lead to professional career as a music producer since 2009
- I'm a full-time music producer, producing for artists from USA, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Turkey
- I have an acoustically treated studio,
- I'm up to date with music trends and constantly reinventing my workflow, learning new skills, and programs.

All that is listed above makes for a unique approach to music production which allows to quickly execute different tasks that are crucial to creating music from your ideas.

If you have a vision of music you want to create, contact me and I will make a demo for you.

Send me an email through 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.


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