Diogo Alves Pinto

Sound Designer, Musician

Diogo Alves Pinto on SoundBetter

I am a full time freelancer and a passionate professional, always contributing with my very best to satisfy my clients' needs. I'm a musician, owning several instruments that i can work with in my studio. I can also sing and use my voice in a lot of different projects.

- Great communication and contact-making skills gained through my experience as a musician on tour.
- Self taught guitar player. I later turned to key-based instruments and began investing in melodicas, toy pianos, synthesizers and vintage electric organs. I'm also constantly trying to find/build small instruments with very particular sound features.
- I was a rugby player for a while (Fly-Half, in case you're wondering)
- Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is my all-time favourite video game.
- I'm a non-smoker with a driver's license.
- For practical purposes, I have some very basic Gimp/Photoshop skills that i used to create some of Gobi Bear's album covers.
- I am passionate about learning and experimenting and that's why I ventured into creating some of Gobi Bear's music videos.
- My education in Humanities required a good command of office suite (word processor, spread sheet, presentation software).
- I love juggling.

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