I am Eric Zeigler. I operate Zeigler Studios out of my studio space in Grand Rapids MI. I have over 4 years of professional studio experience. My goal is to turn your recorded tracks into a very polished, tasteful work of sonic art. I will work with you to assure your music is pleasing to you and your listeners!

Zeigler Studios takes advantage of a hybrid style workstation to gain the benefits of both analog and digital processing. A large portion of this process involves experience and knowledge. However, the real magic happens with a little intuition, and a lot of careful listening. Understanding what you're hearing, and shaping sounds to work in your favor, will always trump expensive gear.

By working closely with my clients, I create an open environment that creatively fuels the production of your music. Tone and arrangement will always make good songs song GREAT! And that should never be a one sided coin. At the end of the day creating the best music possible is our main target.

I prefer to mix music to reflect the art that has been captured, rather than squeeze the life out of it with processing and editing. There certainly are times where less is more in the musical world, and more importantly letting recordings open up and creating space in a mix is what really ties it all together.

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Turn around time is generally between 2-5 days depending on the size of the project. Revisions can be negotiated at beginning of project.

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  • Default-avatar7 months agoby

    I have worked with Eric on several of my tracks. I am a blues pop artist and was having a hard time finding a producer that fit me. He not only fit but helped me define my sound. He is an open-minded, versatile producer and even mixed and mastered my tracks. Would definitely recommend him to anyone no matter the style of music

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