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I'm Anton, professional sound, mixing and mastering engineer. Sound is my passion all life long. I don't stop until it sounds absolutely great.

With my help your production will have the desired impact on a wide array of listening systems and ready for a release.

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.

21 Reviews

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  1. Review by Jason
    by Jason

    Anton was so friendly and willing to revise upon request. He did a great job communicating throughout the process and also did a great job balancing my mix. Thanks Anton!

  2. Review by P-tay M.

    Great first mastering experience with Anton. His communication was insanely fast, as well as super polite and professional. He's very understanding and will keep working with you until you are 100% satisfied. I'll definitely be working with Anton again, so if you're looking for someone who can help you create the sound you are envisioning, drop this guy a message. He'll also teach you a thing or two along the way. Highly recommended.

  3. Review by G.S
    by G.S

    Excellent experience with Anton !
    He really understood what I needed, and the communication was always very friendly and professional.
    Anton work really gave a new dimension and a professional tone to my songs.
    I will work with him again without any hesitations !

  4. Review by Martina Budde
    by Martina Budde

    Super professional
    Understood what I needed
    The track was shining after Antons Work
    Complete satisfied
    Fast and super polite
    Highly recommended

  5. Review by Antoine
    by Antoine

    Superb, the service is superb ...
    Anton listens to needs, is efficient, fast and precise.
    He knows how to understand a project and embellish its flavor.
    well done !

  6. Review by Stephanie  Hesterberg
    by Stephanie Hesterberg

    Really enjoyed working with him, easy to communicate and helped me with so much, deeply appreciated 🙌

  7. Review by Erica
    by Erica

    He's such a nice guy to work with, so interested in really good quality and the best sound possible. Cooperating with Anton is so easy and rewarding at the same time and I love the result he's producing. I think he's just great in music production.

  8. Review by Guy
    by Guy

    Great work with some groovy bass electronic music, artists and label like the results :)

  9. Review by Ben Spalding
    by Ben Spalding

    Anton has been mastering all of my personal DJ mixes and due to the excellent service, I decided to start sending more work to him from my mix series and also other editing work for samples and acapellas.

    He is outstanding. A lovely man and consistently excellent service - I think Anton will be a huge part of PuzzleProjectsMusic record label plans going forward.


  10. Review by Jannis Kertscher
    by Jannis Kertscher

    Anton is very passionate about his work. He replies fast even on the weekends and is really reliable!
    I will defenetly work with him again in the future since he is very competent in his craft!

  11. Review by Devin Thomas
    by Devin Thomas

    Anton has done my past 2 tracks and I don't think I'm going to anyone else ! He's really good !

  12. Review by Artur Ach
    by Artur Ach

    Reeeeeaaalllyyy good Mix and Master!! Worth every cent!!! Will definetly work with Anton in the future!

  13. Review by Bahrenfeld

    Anton had polished six tracks of mine (Electronica, Ambient). Very very pleased with the final results! Couldn't be better! Very friendly and supportive contact and so so quick with the replies :) Will use his services again any time with pleasure! cheers!

  14. Review by Devin Thomas
    by Devin Thomas

    Top of the line mixing and mastering! I will definitely be using Anton again!

  15. Review by Till Lewerentz
    by Till Lewerentz

    He did a perfect mixing for a Techno Track of mine ! I'm very happy about it , sounds great ! Looking forward to the next project with him ! Best! <3

  16. Review by Mercedes S.

    Loving my new sing Journey mixed & mastered by Anton . Today it’s not available on all platforms. My song was something different than what I usually do . It was a pop , edm , dance type of song . I’m more of an hip hop person but it worked out because Anton can do it all ! I’m looking forward to continuing working with you

  17. Review by Sektor Y
    by Sektor Y

    Anton is a very skilled music engineer who is very passionate about his work and helping others achieve the best sound quality possible for their music. I started working with Anton for my band called “ Sektor Y “. Anton has been very reliable in mastering our work. He is very quick to get back to his clients and provides them with everything they need for their personal artistic vision. Anton has helped me take my band to a new level of professionalism at a very affordable price and I am very thankful for the work he has done for me!

  18. Review by Orgonon M.

    A very skilled and passionate (and patient :) engineer. It was very simple and productive the collaboration.
    I recommend, who need to improve their own musical productions, to contact him.

  19. Review by Valery
    by Valery

    That's just incredible to meet someone like Anton to collaborate with! It's so much fun as well as great results! What I was completely amazed about, it's that Anton has got such a quick mind to catch new ideas and then put them into work! He's always ready to perceive your vision and listen to you, really deeply, with the greatest attention. I believe it's so important in a creative process!
    And what's more, Anton has got a real musical vision. He sees the biggest picture and sets priorities just right to make it. I think that's what everybody needs for a great production!

  20. Review by Ben Spalding
    by Ben Spalding

    It’s funny, the greatest of colleagues can come out of nowhere. Anton contacted me, we exchanged communication rapidly and efficiently and within 2 days he had received a first brief from me.

    Anton has proved himself to be a extremely reliable professional and genuinely such a lovely man to communicate with! But what really shines through is his raw passion for what he is doing and his skill.

    These qualities all together are a potent combination and exactly what I look for in a person to work with me in my business.

    I highly recommend Anton.

    Ben Spalding

  21. Review by DJ Vaide
    by DJ Vaide

    It was a very fun and cooperative experience to work with Anton Orlov. I liked the much and master that he provided me with.

Mastered for @MARTINA BUDDE

I was the Mastering Engineer in this production

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