Johnny Labelle

Mixing,Mastering,Sound Design

I'm a young Audio Engineer based in Athens,Greece.For the last few years I've been working both in films and Music as a Producer,Sound Designer,Mix Engineer and Editor. I also have my own projects as a musician.If you are interested to hear some examples of my work check my Bandcamp page!

I mostly work with DAW's using a plurality of plug-ins such as Waves,Soundtoys,Izotope,Fabfilter etc.
However i always take care to use plugins wisely keeping in mind that many times rather than helping they make things worse and deviate from the desired song essence.
I specialize in Indie and Rock music with atmospheric and psychedelic aesthetics.Having experience as a musician so in various indie rock bands and as a singer-songwriter i'm not only working as a technical, but also as an artist.
The first thing i do when i'm mixing a song is listening to the raw sound sources as many times as is necessary in order to perceive the true emotion of the song.This emotion will be my reference point throughout the mixing process and will work to ensure that every aspect of the mix will act on behalf of this true emotion.
About Sound Design and Post Production, my experience over the last few years in film industry comprising a plurality of Movies and Videos and Advertisements both as a Recordist,Mix Engineer, Sound Designer and Foley Artist (check my Linkedin page for full details!)

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Terms Of Service

I typically allow 1-2 revisions depending on works to do.Turnaround time is mostly 3-4 days on a mix and 1-2 on mastering.