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I offer you vocal recording, mix & mastering Price depends on Project I work in the box with some high quality and build in plugins My DAW´s are Cubase 8 & Ableton Live 8. For mastering i use Wavelab 5. Mostly i work on Rap / Hip-Hop tracks

Just send me your audio material (e.g. wetransfer.com / dropbox) , i take a short look at it.
Then u get a detail Information about pricing and delivery time.

When everything is clear i start to work on you song.
Then you get an example (wav/aiff 45 sec.) of your final mixed/mastered song.
And only if u like the result you have to pay.
If you don´t like you don´t have to pay.

After i received the payment you get the full song in the desired format.

Additional requirements

- Please avoid heavy compression / limiting on Mix Bus
- Vocals must be completely dry
- Check fades in, out and between regions
- Print *any* processing that is an integral part of the instrument
- Print effects such as vocal delays and reverbs on separate files (100% WET only)
- Consolidate ALL tracks from start to finish .
- set all faders to unity (0db)

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.

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