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Devoid of any compromise I resonate with the vibes of a proper, real performance.

On November 12, 1990, I was born, screaming, in Venice - Italy.
When i was 13 I accidentally heard Sting's "Shape of my Heart" on the radio and my brain was blasted by that wonderful guitar arpeggio. I stole my mom's old guitar from the wardrobe and tried to re-play it by ear all night. Failing miserably. This motivated me to study music and guitar so I took my first lesson a few days after. Since that day, I've never stopped learning and I played and toured with various local metal bands until I had the chance to record my first full-length Album. As soon as I entered the studio, my brain had a second, crucial, epiphany. I realised I wanted to be the guy who was recording me and not the guitar player. I started asking too many questions and reading so many books (they are never too many!) and this naturally brought me to build my first home studio in 2012, where everything really started...
After these years in which I had the pleasure to work alongside many incredible artists and engineers, I consider myself highly flexible and open-minded.
What really matters to me is to push every project to its limit, to grow and learn everyday with the artists I'm working with. To create something that has a story to tell.

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Gear Highlights
  • I usually work as freelance in other studios
  • i generally mix in the box.
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