With more than 15 years experience in audio mixing and mastering, we are confident to help you to further enhanced your song and make it commercially viable for the music market.

In just less than 2 years, we have released more than 15 singles in 2 albums which we did for our humanitarian projects.

Please feel free to see our works:

Songs for refugees
https://youtu.be/TP1l3kdSSVk "WE ARE NOT ALONE"
http://youtu.be/rTqa0QjLPGw "I'M LIVING HERE"

Other humatarian songs:
https://youtu.be/TP1l3kdSSVk "DISPLACED NATION"
http://youtu.be/LMsYqqwItuM "Edge of Blade"
http://youtu.be/dFTZyvN38Do "Peace"

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Terms of Service

Mix revision: 2 revisions. Additional $50 per revision afterwards
Mix turnaround: depends on each project

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