Past-President of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) worldwide, Andres provides a FREE audio quality report that really helps you to get the most out of your mixes before mastering. Mayo boasts credits in over 2,000 albums released on all formats since 1991. Send us one unmastered mix and you will get a complete audio quality report in 48 hours.

We include in our mastering service a necessary first step that we call "Mix Coaching" (R). We have found that most of the problems presented by a less than perfect mix can´t be fixed in mastering, so we invest almost as much time to review the audio quality of the mixes as to the mastering process itself. Our Mix Coaching (R) process renders overwhelmingly superior quality mixes before even initiating the mastering stage.

Studio gear is important, but experience and good judgement, as well as full involvement in every project are also key offerings. We have pioneered remote mastering service since the early 90´s, even before the Internet era, so we truly know how much anxiety the artist can feel at this stage. We are committed to be 100% responsive to your needs.

With 25+ years of experiencie in this industry, we have achieved a work space and a dedicated human team that aims for excellence. We can deliver:

- Audio Mastering for every format, in stereo and surround 5.1: Vinyl, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, iTunes (MFiT)
- Mix Coaching (can also be hired separately from our mastering services)
- Seminars and workshops available under request in English and Spanish - Please contact us

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.

My credits include

AllMusic verified credits for Andrés Mayo:

  • La Vida Boheme
  • Los Estramboticos
  • Charly García
  • Marie Osmond
  • Illapu
  • Chaqueño Palavecino
  • Lucas Boschiero
  • Martell Gran
  • Gazpacho
  • Mirta Huertas
  • Raly Barrionuevo
  • Kevin Johansen
  • Fernando Diamant
  • Luis Salinas
  • Luis Salinas
  • Soledad
  • Carlos Libedinsky
  • Carlos Libedinsky
  • Pedro Aznar
  • Kudai
  • Libido
  • Pedro Aznar
  • Los Ratones Paranoicos
  • Jorge Rojas
  • Vitor Ramil
  • Los Nocheros
  • Bebo Valdés
  • Alfredo Casero
  • Memphis la Blusera
  • Leo Dan
  • Abuela Coca
  • Kapanga
  • Memphis la Blusera
  • Pedro Aznar
  • Memphis la Blusera
  • Palito Ortega
  • Miguel Mateos
  • Las Blacanblus
  • Andrés Linetzky
  • Jaime Wilensky
  • Lourdes
  • Alejandro Lerner
  • Los Nocheros
  • Los Piojos
  • Fabiana Cantilo
  • Los Piojos
  • Kevin Johansen
  • Nico Mora
  • Sandro
  • Bersuit
  • Bersuit
  • Léo Masliah
  • El Simbolo
  • Los Piojos
  • Trio Fattoruso
  • Natalia Oreiro
  • Tangata Rea
  • Los Piojos
  • Los Piojos
  • Los Piojos
  • Illya Kuryaki & the Valderramas
  • Illya Kuryaki & the Valderramas
  • Perpetua
  • Soda Stereo
  • Bebo Valdés
  • Malos Habitos
  • Natalino
  • Natalino
  • Terry Ilous
  • Pablo Maeda
  • La Vida Boheme
  • Zaida Saiace
  • Saiace
  • Saenz
  • Cuchichiando
  • Soledad
  • Emily Arrow
  • Sebastian Plano
  • Cuarteto De Cuerdas
  • Lucio Mantel
  • Cuarteto De Cuerdas
  • Lucio Mantel
  • Natalino

Gear highlights

  • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
  • Focusrite Blue 315 EQ
  • Massenburg Labs 2030 Compressor
  • Weiss DS1-MKIII
  • Lavry Gold MKIII
  • TC Electronic M6000 Mastering Console
  • Neve 33609 Compressor
  • Manley VoxBox
  • ATC monitoring systems
  • Rupert Neve Master Buss

Genres I specialize in

Reviews of Andres Mayo Mastering

  • Default-avatar8 days agoby Verified Review

    Superb Mastering by Mr Andres Mayo once again! Thank you!

  • Default-avatar8 days agoby Verified Review

    This was the third master Andres did for me and everytime it's been a 5/5 experience. Everything from the feedback, communication and end result has all been great! Recommended!

  • Default-avatar19 days agoby Verified Review

    This was the 5th of 5 songs we mastered with Andres. As expected, the quality of his work was impeccable. On top of that, he was very patient and cooperative all along. Highly recommended.

  • Listing_thumb_elizabeth_124 days agoby Verified Review

    Trabajar con Andrés fue maravilloso, llevo nuestros dos temas a otro nivel y sin dificultad alguna, entendió perfectamente el estilo y como debía sonar a la primera.
    Nou Red seguira trabajando con Andrés, la calidad es indudable.

  • Listing_thumb_16487826_1844467522463492_7025738990094608165_oabout 1 month agoby Verified Review

    Solo queda agradecer el buen trabajo y el buen trato proporcionado por Ándres. Agradecido de la seriedad con la que alguien de su trayectoria resuelve los proyectos aunque estos vengan de una banda y un ingeniero desconocido. Muy perspicaz para entender los conceptos que se le dan a la hora de enfocar la estética y lo técnico del mastering.

  • Default-avatarabout 1 month agoby Verified Review

    It has been an honour working with Andrés! He mastered a single for me, really helped to enhance the mix prior to the mastering process. The mastered version was everything I hoped for - and more! The touch of a top professional! I can't wait to work with him again! :)

  • Listing_thumb_phabout 1 month agoby Verified Review

    El trabajo quedó perfecto, el ingeniero respetó la idea conceptual de la mezcla y el resultado fue magnífico. Recomendable !!!

  • Listing_thumb_microylogoabout 1 month agoby Verified Review

    Another awesome experience with Andrés, his attention to detail is outstanding. Wonderful mastering engineer.

  • Default-avatar2 months agoby Verified Review

    Excellent work delivered on time.

  • Listing_thumb_fullsizerender2 months agoby Verified Review

    Great working with Andres, mastering was top quality and delivered timely. Will definitely be working again!

  • Listing_thumb_img_adriano2 months agoby Verified Review

    Another very good master job with Andres.
    Outstanding results!

  • Default-avatar3 months agoby Verified Review

    Excellent quality, as usual.

  • Listing_thumb_img_23743 months agoby Verified Review

    Andres delivered us another amazing mastering job. He took our great sounding mix and made it even better! We love getting mastering service from Andres!

  • Default-avatar3 months agoby Verified Review

    This was my second time working with Andres. Both times have been a 5/5 experience regarding communication, feedback and ofc final master.

  • Listing_thumb_img_adriano3 months agoby Verified Review

    Andres have a really interesting work method that allows the artist to enhance the mix before going to the final mastering process.
    This is a real consulting services that provides a lot of value for the artist. So the final result is always awesome. Recommeded !!

  • Listing_thumb_sk_austen023 months agoby Verified Review

    Andres was again very nice. He work really good and he is friendly all time. Was nice to work with him. thanks.

  • Default-avatar4 months agoby Verified Review

    Ha sido un placer trabajar con Andrés. En todo el proceso se notó la dedicación que le puso al trabajo. Guiándonos con su experiencia para comprender el por qué de cada una de las decisiones del mastering, nos entregó un trabajo de una calidad impresionante. Experiencia, dedicación, humildad y sobre todo muy persona. Altamente recomendado!

  • Listing_thumb_img_23744 months agoby Verified Review

    We are extremely happy with the final mastering results! Client is very is excited to share to the world the finished song mastered by Andres. He loved it! Andres does something magical to your mix! It really is worth getting your songs professionally mastered by Andres. Can't wait to hear what he does on the next one!

  • Listing_thumb_img_61224 months agoby Verified Review

    Andres is a real pleasure to work with. Communication was great, very honest, obviously works hard to achieve what is best for the product. I have found that engineers ( mixing and mastering) sometimes have more ego around their work than I care for. Andres was quite the opposite.

    Delivered product is LOUD, but without compromise to the song.

  • Listing_thumb_sk_austen024 months agoby Verified Review

    It was a really nice and eazy work with Andres. Very kind person and high professional. I will work with him again.

  • Listing_thumb_cover4 months agoby Verified Review

    Great experience to work with Andres on our new single. Availability, super efficiency and talent... a real pleasure. MANDOO

  • Default-avatar4 months agoby Verified Review

    Fantastic job. Andres has been a great addition to my new release. So glad I found him on this site.
    Great White

  • Listing_thumb_img_23745 months agoby Verified Review

    Amazing experience working with Andres Mastering! I needed 1 song mastered. Andres was very nice and professional to speak with and very honest with what he thought the song needed. He recommended some key changes in the mix to guarantee we got the best mastering job possible. I highly suggest Andres for mastering. The song came out perfect!

  • Listing_thumb_microylogo5 months agoby Verified Review

    Once again, Andrés was able to bring that 'finished' quality to my mixes on the first try. I love that he can almost read my mind for the sound I aimed for.
    Outstanding work.

  • Default-avatar5 months agoby Verified Review

    Great work, easy to deal with, a real pro !

  • Listing_thumb_cazz_bw6 months agoby Verified Review

    Andres was a joy to work with. Not only does he make genuine efforts to learn about the project and goals, but his feedback and instincts are spot on. Width, sweetness and balance achieved consistently on album. He puts in that extra effort to make sure client is truly pleased.

  • Default-avatar6 months agoby Verified Review

    Andres' work method makes the process quick and easy. The quality achieved is superb. Highly recommended!

  • Default-avatar6 months agoby Verified Review

    Andres was very kind and cooperative all along. The work was delivered right on time, and the quality was just what you'd expect from such renowned professionals. Thanks a lot!

  • Default-avatar7 months agoby Verified Review

    Andres and Julia were a pleasure to work with. Andres delivered the first master quickly and provided additional versions and corrections based on my feedback. Will highly recommend!

  • Default-avatar7 months agoby Verified Review

    Great Mastering! Definitely will come back to him! Thanks Andres Mayo!

  • Listing_thumb_foto_-_fabio_-_instagram8 months agoby Verified Review

    Work with Andres was a very positive experience! Right after listened to my song, he could mention the necessary point for me to improve my mixing version before going to the Mastering! I do recommend him for your Mastering version!

  • Default-avatar8 months agoby Verified Review

    Very professional guy with quality work.

  • Listing_thumb_1911626_672554192852282_5353335689036993443_n8 months agoby Verified Review

    Incredible result. Mr Mayo really listened to my song extensively and found out exactly how to maximize the sonic character. It was a pleasure working with him. Highly recommended!

  • Listing_thumb_steven-lee2-19 months agoby Verified Review

    amazing work again! Andres is patient and highly professional. He is someone that I can always trust.

  • Default-avatar9 months agoby Verified Review

    Andres is probably one of the best mastering engineers I've worked with! And I've worked with many here in Los Angeles! I highly recommend Andres as he gives a great review of your mix before getting it mastered. A+

  • Default-avatar10 months agoby Verified Review

    Andres was very patient and professional and his feedback on my mix was very valuable, so I could make some improvements before mastering! The master he provided was high quality and I look forward to work with him again. He did more than I expected!

  • Listing_thumb_11229753_10153427531185330_589337551007586261_n10 months agoby Verified Review

    El mejor servicio a manos del mejor profesional en el rubro del sonido. La experiencia que lo caracterisa por su asesoría, recomendaciones y calidad sonora a la hora de hacer un trabajo. Escucha y saca el mejor provecho las pistas a masterizar. Recomendado al 100%. Super versatil y contemporáneo.

  • Default-avatar10 months agoby Verified Review

    Andres was a pleasure to work with - very professional, great communicator and was able to deliver exactly what I wanted in the mastering of my track. I will definitely be going back to him in future.

  • Listing_thumb_11229753_10153427531185330_589337551007586261_n10 months agoby Verified Review

    Un grato y satisfactorio trabajo en manos de uno de los mejores. Recomendado y atento a las necesidades sonoras. Un profesional de indiscutible y atento a los sugerencias. Mi mejor visto en este rubro. Grande Andres!

  • Listing_thumb_63038_419284181523346_86331562_n10 months agoby Verified Review

    Working with Andres was a breeze.

    My mix got itsself the golden touch.
    Rule number one is trust but verify. For the first time working with him after looking at his credits i knew icould trust my sound in his hands.

    Nothing more satisfying than being prooved right. Yup he did more than expected and now I don't even scroll to look elsewhere

  • Listing_thumb_frog0711 months agoby Verified Review

    Andres was beyond a pleasure to work with. This was my first time working with a mastering engineer, and his feedback critically listening to my track helped me grow immeasurably with my mixing skills. Andres is my go-to guy for mastering!

  • Listing_thumb_img_adriano11 months agoby Verified Review

    Andres is really outstanding because he is not limited on getting a good master out of your current mix, but having a great master from your song. His mixing review ( i would say mixing consultive process) gave me really valuable feedback of how should improve my mix to get the best sound possible. Thanks Andres.

  • Listing_thumb_img_992912 months agoby Verified Review

    Wonderful working with this talented guy! See you soon Andres

  • Listing_thumb_microylogo12 months agoby Verified Review

    Andres really knows what he's doing, he's at the top of his game and is very easy to work with. He gave my mixes the clarity and punch they needed without changing the mix itself, it's like he knew where I was going and helped me get there.
    I'll definitely hire him again! Amazing mastering engineer.

  • Listing_thumb_cover_finalabout 1 year agoby Verified Review

    Andres is very proactive and open, great experience to work with him.

  • Listing_thumb_steven-lee2-1about 1 year agoby Verified Review

    Great personality and super patient! Always there to hear me out and support! He really understands what needs to be done and his work is beyond expectation! Thanks for helping me!

  • Listing_thumb_imageabout 1 year agoby Verified Review

    Andres worked quickly and with a great end result!!

  • Listing_thumb_imageabout 1 year agoby Verified Review

    Andres is highly recommended engineer. He's professional, on time, flexible and kind. easy to work with and he felt the track before he worked on my track. He can also give you tips, or some information about mix techniques. It's a pleasure to work with Andres !

  • Listing_thumb_wechatimg2about 1 year agoby Verified Review

    Andres Mayo Mastering is the best, the man not only knows the art but his PR skills are really amazing, he knows how it feels from a musician's, producer's and composer's point of view and then gives highly professional sound engineering advice on a balanced level regardless of the genre of music it might be and then after a proper mix it's done!!!

  • Default-avatarabout 1 year agoby Verified Review

    I chose Andres because I could tell from his masters that he had a subtle touch. I wanted to preserve the natural dynamics of the music, keeping the instruments balanced and the songs in proportion. His feedback on the mixes was very helpful. With his help, I believe the tracks shine in their best light. Very pleased. See you next album.

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby Verified Review

    Andres is Great mastering engineer and honest professional man ! I would recommend him to my mother if she needs master engineer ! Dean Dvornik

  • Listing_thumb_12194829_10153208357072078_335395223768520043_oover 1 year agoby Verified Review

    I cannot recommend Mr. Andres Mayo and his services enough!
    He is very skilled, has great knowledge and experience as well as great gears and ears. He is just on point, service minded in a good and honest way and a real pro!
    He just helped me to find the soul and the right final touch of my new single, and the result is amazing!! Best, Bo Johnson

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby Verified Review

    Andres got picked based on heavy listening tests on this site. From the moment I hired hiim he was enthusiastic and accomodating.
    He communicated, in very good English I must admit, every step of the way. I was never in the dark. He addressed my concerns, and got it done in a day.

    I couldn't have been more happy to pay and will again!

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby Verified Review

    Andres is undoubtedly one of the best mastering engineers I've met during my career, it will be a pleasure to work with him again.

  • Listing_thumb_10551480_269320899933480_6030311883489938956_oover 1 year agoby Verified Review

    This was my first time in working to properly master my track, and I have been delighted! The mastered tracks are incredible, Andreas has been extremely kind and patient with me, also tutoring in the mixing phase, where he gave me tips to improve, completely for free! I am really thankful, and will definetely enjoy working with him in the future.

  • Listing_thumb_mixer-349850_1280over 1 year agoby Verified Review

    Andres, is courteous,highly experienced and professional to the very highest level. He knows what he is talking about, and is definitely someone to work with.
    I appreciated his great patience with me and his helpfulness during the process of mastering my track.

  • Default-avatarabout 1 year agoby

    una muy buena experiencia con un gran resultado final para nosotros,,, recomendable un maestro,,,,Garantía de resultados,,

  • Default-avatarabout 1 year agoby

    Excelente masterizado realizado por Andres Mayo con la asistencia de Felipe Alvarez de Toledo. Supero ampliamente las espectativas, y los musicos quedaron muy satisfechos con el resultado. 100% recomendable, 100% efectivo, 110% satisfaccion.

  • Default-avatarabout 1 year agoby

    Tuvimos el honor de trabajar el mastering de nuestro primer disco "Donde los árboles" con el Ing. Andres Mayo y su equipo de trabajo, una experiencia increible de total aprendizaje para nosotros.
    Estamos muy agradecidos el profesionalismo que le pone a su labor. Sin dudas Andres seguira masterizando cada uno de los disco que realizemos.

  • Default-avatarabout 1 year agoby

    Conocíamos a Andrés Mayo pero nunca habíamos contratado sus servicios. Este año habíamos terminado de grabar y mezclar. Nos habían entregado la 3ra masterización y no estábamos conformes con el resultado. Lo enviamos para la revisión y masterización de Andrés y quedó perfecto. Todo estaba ahí como nosotros pretendíamos. Excelente trabajo

  • Default-avatarabout 1 year agoby

    We had chance to learn a lot, as working with Andrés Mayo and Felipe Álvarez Toledo is a rich experience itself: cordiality, efficiency and high-profile professionalism.
    The results were always fantastic -not only the mastering experience but also the suggestions and views Mayo has in terms of music production and mixing. #TheOtherness

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Mayo realizó el máster de mi disco "8" (seguro realizará másters de mis próximos discos también). En ese proyecto el desafío sonoro era grande e incluía un máster especial para la edición en vinilo. El resultado sobrepasó mis expectativas y, además del audio perfecto, encontré un equipo humano excepcional. ¡Gracias y abrazos! M.

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Tener como aliado a Andres Mayo en mi cadena de audio fue y será una insuperable elección, sos el mejor mi amigo, saludo desde Colombia, Esmiller Producciones

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Andres got picked based on heavy listening tests on this site. From the moment I hired hiim he was enthusiastic and accomodating.
    He communicated, in very good English I must admit, every step of the way. I was never in the dark. He addressed my concerns, and got it done in a day.

    I couldn't have been more happy to pay and will again!

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Andrés es un excelente profesional, en mi experiencia como productor y también como ingeniero de mezcla encontré en Andrés Mayo un ingeniero extremadamente preciso y cuidadoso del audio, respetuoso del material original por con la experiencia y la creatividad para aportar desde su escucha. Un excelente equilibrio de lo técnico con lo musical.

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Personalmente, crecí escuchando discos que, sin saberlo, llevaban el sello de Andrés. Años después, con una banda ya formada y un disco en camino, he podido vivir en carne propia lo que significa trabajar con un maestro del sonido para América Latina y el mundo. ¡La mejor decisión de todas!

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Tengo el honor de trabajar con el en innumerables producciones desde hace mas de 20 años , como asi tambien haber sido producido por Andres en mi funcion de musico (El guevo)
    Trabajar con el es una experiencia inmejorable tanto profesional como humana !!!
    Gracias Andres por todo !!!

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Durante el 2013 y 2014 compartí con Andrés Mayo la producción del DVD"Hacia el último confín de la Tierra" realizado en la cuidad de Ushuaia. Más allá de su conocida excelencia como profesional del audio me gustaría rescatar su calidad de persona. Creo que ese es el plus que uno debería buscar para obtener el mejor resultado posible.

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    I'm a two time Latin-Grammy winning musician and producer who have had the pleasure of working with Andrés Mayo since my first record, and can assure that Andrés's input has been a pivotal piece in the coloring of my recordings. Needless to say, I believe that Andrés is an authentic master of sound.

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Tener como aliado a Andres Mayo en nuestra cadena de audio es una elección tomada por nuestro sello Twitin Records. No solo por el resultado final sino también por años de confianza.

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    I`ve been working for a few years with Andres mayo and i can say that his professionalism, sensitivity and thoroughness in his works makes mastering essential in the term of a record production. Also, Andres is a really great person.

  • Listing_thumb_10353314_10203385483971824_8868347346339973519_oover 1 year agoby

    Tengo el privilegio de haber trabajado con Andres en una enorme cantidad de discos.
    Su profesionalismo y talento, lo han posicionado en los mejores lugares que un ingeniero puede estar. Hemos compartido discos, producciones y seminarios, como dupla y verdaderos amigos. Recomiendo a todos que tengan la experiencia de trabajar con él!!!

  • Listing_thumb_dsc_0782over 1 year agoby

    Defino a Andrés Mayo como una persona cálida, sincera y comprometida con cada uno de los proyectos de los clientes. Se toma el tiempo de analizar las mezclas y brindarle asistencia al cliente en una dirección positiva a favor de la
    Musica!. El mastering es excelente!

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Con Andres masterizamos el último disco de Valentin y los Volcanes, "Una comedia romántica" (2015) -se edita digitalmente el 12/12 por Triple RRR Discos.
    Además de que se tomó un buen rato para explicarnos cada detalle con paciencia y docencia, el disco quedó buenísimo.Entendió nuestro presupuesto y nuestras posibilidades con la mejor buena onda.

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Andres has the natural ability and taste to add the perfect touch to everything I’ve sent him to Master. Always a smile on my face when I get my material back from him. He is a true Pro that knows how to make the Artist happy and deliver top notch mastering at affordable prices. I know I can always trust Andres to do an amazing job!
    Dave Reitzas

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Con Adres tienes la tranquilidad no solo de que hará el mejor mastering, sino de que te sacará lo mejor de ti en la mezcla,siempre atento a cada detalle y entrega total a los proyectos. imprescindible.

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    He puesto en las manos de Andrés una buena parte de los discos más relevantes que han pasado por las mías, su impecable trabajo y dedicación hace la gran diferencia, desde mi punto de vista lo mas importante es la calidad del resultado final y con él eso esta garantizado.

  • Listing_thumb_2014-11-05_08.56.15over 1 year agoby

    I had the honor and the pleasure to work with Andres Mayo on the mastering about my independent project. I recognize the professionalism, integrity, quality and the expertise that I never found on other mastering engineer that I ever worked. Andres is effectively focused on achieving the best result for your projects.

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Hay una sensibilidad artística que tienen sólo aquellas personas que saben vaciarse y abrirse a cada nueva cosa que se presenta, sintonizando profundamente.
    Andrés Mayo tiene esa cualidad, y tiene además la generosidad y el talento para (desde esa escucha magistral) sumar, enriquecer, embellecer. Entrega, compromiso y maestría. Gracias !!

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Working with andres has been a great experience. It is a perfect combination between a well trained engineer, and sensitive to music and different aesthetic possibilities artist. I highly recommend his work. In addition, he is a wonderful person, and passionate about music and audio.

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Que decir de una persona como Andres Mayo, un talento caminando, ya con escuchar sus trabajos te das cuenta de lo que estamos hablando.
    Un oído privilegiado, y una persona que sigue manteniendo su humildad día a día.
    No hace falta que yo lo recomiende, se cae de maduro.
    Gracias por todo Andres!!!

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Siempre que puedo recomiendo a mis clientes Masterizar con Andres Mayo, por su exiquisito trabajo y dedicacion, como en este ultimo caso para el DVD del "Chaqueño Palaveciono" que quedo genial !!!!!

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Andres Mayo es, ante todo, una persona maravillosa que además entiende la obra musical que uno le lleva como nadie, se involucra de una forma artístico-espiritual. Genera confianza, eso no tiene precio. Cada vez, cada disco es un aprendizaje. Siempre es un placer trabajar con el y ser su amigo. Recomiendo mucho escuchar sus oídos sabios.

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Siempre es una felicidad encontrarse con Andy para comenzar un trabajo. Su estudio de mastering es sencillamante increíble, pero lo que es más asombroso es el resultado de su propio trabajo, agregando artistica al somido y limpieza al aire del sonido. Tal vez mejor seria que cambie su apellido a Mago.

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    He hecho trabajado con Andres por mas de 20 años por su seriedad , pasión, consejos y visión. Ha respetado las mezclas que le he mandado siempre y cuando tiene algo que aportar me lo dice con el mayor de los respetos y sabiduría. Su estudio es simplemente alucinante no solo por como suena sino por el confort y la atención que presta a sus clientes.

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Tuve el placer de trabajar con Andres en 4 discos, su aporte desde el mastering fue excelente, tiene un dominio muy acertado del audio y logra involucrarse artisticamente en el perfil y concepto de cada obra. Altamente recomendable. L.Aristimuño.

  • Listing_thumb_salvador_tercero_2012_lowover 1 year agoby

    Andres Mayo is one of the most committed audio professionals.

    His incredible Mastering talent and his always supportive heart, makes Andres an amassing friend.


  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    He trabajado desde hace años con Andrés, tanto en mi proyecto anterior "Los Cocineros" como con mis discos solistas. En ambos ha sido una experiencia increíble humana y musicalmente. No solo significó sumar un oído experto sino a una persona que uno siente parte de su equipo, que entiende la idea, el concepto, lo que busca con su música y suma mara

  • Default-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Trabajé con Andrés en dos discos. En "Confín" hizo el mastering con dedicación y altísimo respeto por el trabajo realizado por nosotros.
    En "Unas Horas" además compartimos la producción artística. El resultado nos llena de orgullo a todos.
    Destaco su profesionalismo, su generosidad y su calidez, indispensables para cualquier desarrollo creativo

  • Listing_thumb_303628_10151574097209240_2053282852_nalmost 2 years agoby

    Toujours à l'écoute, Andres donne toujours le maximum de manière à garantir un résultat optimum.
    En plus d'être extrêmement bienveillant et offrant un travail d'excellente qualité, il fait également en sorte que VOUS fournissiez également le meilleur mix possible grâce à ses conseils avisés.
    First class ! A recommander très fortement !

  • Default-avataralmost 2 years agoby

    I met Andres in 1999 when I studying to be a producer in Buenos Aires and I was working on my fisrt recording. I have never met anyone as professional and committed to his job as Andrés. He is completely devoted to his team and each and every project he participates in. Great engineer, best sound, amazing person.

  • Default-avataralmost 2 years agoby

    Lo que más me impresionó desde mi primer mastering con Andrés (ya vamos más de 20 seguro) es la importancia que le da a cada artista, tenga el grado de popularidad que tenga, siempre la entrega es total y sincera. Además del excelente trabajo técnico que realiza, sus aportes artísticos son siempre acertados y surgen desde la más fina sensibilidad.

  • Default-avataralmost 2 years agoby

    Andres is by far the best mastering engineer I've ever worked with. His excellent work reflects his vast experience in the field. As a producer in charge of the mixes is gratifying to know that Andres will work them not only with total respect, but also improving them with his technical skills and musical vision.

  • Default-avataralmost 2 years agoby

    simply the best.... he will do what your project needs, great sound and a great vibe to work with, you can't beat that...

  • Listing_thumb_7fa_-_1almost 2 years agoby

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andrés Mayo on many of my projects. Even my latest Latin Grammy nomination, (SOTO75), was mastered by Andrés. The result has always been the same: SIMPLY ESPECTACULAR!! Everything sounds so warm and full. The edges blend perfectly and his respect for the original dynamics of the mix is outstanding.

  • Default-avataralmost 2 years agoby

    Andres Mayo is one of the best sound engineer from LatinAmerica. For each project , Andres makes a sound surgery to take your music to the next level, working deeply into each sound wave. He is also a generous worker and always teach you something about your music as you move into your project.
    Thanks Andy!

  • Default-avataralmost 2 years agoby

    Working with Andres,was a great experience for me.
    He treated my album like it was his own. He got involved from the strictly technical to the most artistic detail. A great professional !

  • Default-avataralmost 2 years agoby

    I m a recording/live sound engineer and producer,based in New York City.
    I totally recommend,based on my experience,to work with Andres Mayo and his killer Mastering Studio.
    Not only completely professional,great sounding !!!! But fast turnaround and customer service !
    For me ,this is the place YOU should master your albums,DVDs, and all !!!

  • Default-avataralmost 2 years agoby

    It's great to work with such talented and professional engineers like Andrés Mayo and his staff, who put their knowledge, technical skills and artistic soul on each and every song.
    Highly recommended if you want a high-quality mastering sound on your productions.
    Satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Default-avataralmost 2 years agoby

    I had the pleasure of working with Andrés Mayo on a production I did for San Francisco based artist, Camille Mai, during late 2014. The master I received respected the mix and production %100, while adding balance and focus without loosing air or dynamic range in the mix. Mayo's mastering granted me the integrity and quality I was looking for.

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