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No pitch or punchline here. I have some achievements, tell you later? Hoping to differentiate myself by providing a solid product with unmatched results. Specialization is my dedication to the craft, 15+ years in the digital mixing realm and still learning. One impressive accomplishment? Looooong story, bro. Hit me up if interested!

Offering music mixing services. Scalable, let's talk.

Typical range (in tracks):
1-16 (basic)
17-32 (standard)
33-48 (typical)
49-64 (.. I might have to think about system resources here)
65+ (let's talk this out, but I totally got this!)
80+ (I have totally different rates for experimental music)

I understand the mixing environment very well, much beyond zebra. This is more than a laptop + Apollo interface + headphones (although that is a great starting point).

I have spent countless hours behind large format consoles, summing analog signals through temperate, beautiful modules in robust workhorse consoles.. Countless hours with way too many plug-ins to count, so much reading of many plug-in help (?) PDFs, all of the DAW's.. Everything is alright mate, as long as it makes the sound you want it to make.

I mix in Pro Tools extensively with native plug-ins, Waves and UAD (also mix in Ableton Live when it makes sense).
I create music in Maschine, Logic, Ableton Live, iOS apps..
I do not perform mastering but I can fake it with Izotope (Rolodex at the ready with bad mon mastering engineers).

I'd love to hear about your project. Click the 'Contact' button above to get in touch.


Terms Of Service

Let's chat and figure out the scope of your project. I prefer to have a chemistry with clients, since my work is quite creative and colourful and magnificent and many hours are spent here to achieve.

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