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Creative Design Studios is a full-service studio based in Stoke Prior, Worcestershire, offering professional recording and mastering services all under one roof. Located to the south of Bromsgrove, with close proximity to the M5 (junction 5) and M42 (junction 1), CDS is easily accessible and is set in a private, gated complex with ample parking.

We’re really proud of our recording facilities at CDS, the mic locker brims with classic and new microphones. Our Audient ASP 4816 board boasts award winning Audient mic pres and our Universal Audio Apollo 16 system converts the pristine signal for use in our space age spec Mac Pro. Industry standard headphone monitoring courtesy of Beyerdynamic and our ART 6 way headphone amp ensures you get a personal monitor mix and allows up to a six piece band to record live should they wish to.

We have a choice of rooms to record in - a great big live room with our DW studio kit, custom TLC guitar amp head and Ashdown bass amp, a splashy, L-shaped reverb room, a “as-close-to-acoustically-neutral-as-possible” vocal booth and of course we can route everything to be audible in the control room.

James Delin, our engineer, has many different approaches to recording. He uses classic techniques but is also more than happy working with our artists in more experimental and creative ways. Our philosophy starts at recording and we entrust the artists we work with to be well rehearsed and to have a clear vision of what they want their music to sound like. If we get the recordings right in the first place the mix and final product falls into place so much easier.

Artists with their own producers and engineers are welcome to hire too, James will be on hand to assist.

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Gear Highlights
  • Audient ASP4816
  • PMC twotwo. 6
  • Universal Audio Apollo 16
  • Avalon VT-737
  • Apple Mac Pro (with Logic Pro & Pro Tool 11)
  • Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate.
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