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    The Auratone Studio is a formidable recording and mixing environment. It lives in a huge converted barn spread across two light-filled and spacious floors.The main recording room is  located at ground level, with adjoining recreation room and kitchen area. The mixing room is on the upper floor.
At the heart of the studio is a Vintage Harrison 4032B

    Console: Harrison 4032B 48/88Ch.Monitors: Dangerous Monitor ST, B&W 802, Urei 809, Yamaha NS10M and Auratone 5C, powered by Class A amps. Sat behind the desk is the outboard, including many Dynamics, Manley Vari MU Mastering, Urei Vintage 1176 LN, 1178, LA4, ADR F600, Empirical Labs EL7 Fatso Jr. 2x Empirical Labs EL8X Distressor. Of particular note are the vintage Neve 2x1073, 4x Vintech X73, Vintech 4x1073, Universal 4-710/d, Universal LA 610 MKII, Urei 546 Stereo Eq, API 800Series Rack and 2x Universal Twinity. Effects and Reverb Rack with Lexicon 224 LARC v.4.4, PCM70, Eventide H3000, TC 2290, Yamaha Rev.7, Roland RE201. 32 Channel In/Out Prism Sound ADA8 on Logic Studio 9, ProTools 10, Cubase 7. Studer A820 24Ch. and Studer A80 16Ch. Tape Machines are fully syncronized with the DAW.

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    Gear highlights

    • Harrison 4032B
    • Studer A820
    • Prism Sound ADA8
    • Studer A80

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    Terms of Service

    Non Residential Day Rate: EUR 320.-/ day 12h
    5 Day Rate: EUR 290.- / day12h
    Residential Day Rate: EUR 420.- / day 24h
    5 Day Residential Rate: EUR 390.- / day
    Hourly Rate EUR 45.- (minimum 3 hours)

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