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I am Phoebe Ohayon and the owner, engineer and producer of Whoozy Records. Whoozy Records provides the artists the full package to launch their music. See the description for more details!

Whoozy Records is a new record company and is driven to create a family of artists covering the full spectrum of music around the world, making Whoozy Records an independent label in both national and international markets. Whoozy Records is currently working with artists like: Nathan Ball (UK), Liptease (NL), Aina (NL) and musical platforms like Curated.

We provide a frontline approach to a diverse collaboration catalogue, management, network, marketing strategies and opportunities in new technologies. Outside Europe, our division in Salt Lake City, Utah works to maximize the profile and value of Whoozy Record’s catalogue in international markets.

Our production department provides a full range production process, which includes; composing, arranging, recording, mixing, mastering and distribution. Our distribution division manages the sales, marketing and distribution in all formats including digital, physical and streaming, subscription and mobile.

Whoozy Productions is working closely with Whoozy Designs, which is a subsidiary of Whoozy Records. Whoozy Designs specializes in Graphic Design for artwork or promotional material, Photography and Film.
In addition Whoozy Records owns and administers copyrights to musical compositions for use in recordings, advertisements, films, games or any other public use.

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