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IAG Mastering is a one-touch online mixing and mastering service. Our focus is to provide a high quality sound modification service for an affordable price. Our mastering team is based out of Los Angeles and is comprised of all experienced engineers who have working in the industry for many years. http://www.iagmastering.com

IAG Mastering specializes in online mixing and mastering as well as post-sound mixing for film. Our company was built on the foundation of being interactive and not hiding from our customers. We like to talk with each client to get a good understanding of their overall direction prior to moving forward.

- The IAG Team

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  • FREE 30-second master sampleJul 05, 2016

    We are currently offering 30-second analog master samples of your .wav file. This allows for you to hear the difference we can make in your sound prior to committing to our services.

    Please visit : http://www.iagmastering.com

  • FREE 30-second master daJul 05, 2016