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DolBeats is an independent Hungarian producer, engineer who started a movement in 2005, called Chabba "CK" Klaan Records with various members. After 10 years the project ended up in 2015. Now he focused on his solo career only.

★ ★ Win -- ,,Top 15 Hungarian rap acts of all time:
7/15 Mikee Mykanic" -- Viva Television, HUN, 2016 ★ ★
★ ★ Nomination -- ,,Best low budget video: Gyilkosság by
Mikee Mykanic dir. by FID" -- Klipszemle, HUN, 2015 ★ ★

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DolBeats through the years worked as producer, or engineer with the following EU artists like: Fluor Tomi, DENIZ, Rico, Niki Palej, Essemm, Mikee Mykanic, Hősök, RA, Tha Shudras, DuplaPé, SOG, Ketioz, Bigmek, Siska Finuccsi, Day, Mr. Busta, 2344, Saiid, Wolfie, NKS, Vicc Beatz, Suppah, SP, MC Gőz, SzóSzólók, DJ 50, Busa Pista, & some great US artists such as Khizzy, Caligula aka. Cali Stylz (N.A.R.S.), Wyld Money (N.A.R.S.), J-Mack, Raphie, Owe, Lee Mekhai, Mike Walla (2x GRAMMY nominated), & Izza Kizza (Decon).

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I work in 4 business days from A to Z, usually 3 revisions I accept; thank You for hire me!

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