My name is Gilbert Rodriguez and I am currently a electrical engineering Ph.D. student. My main hobby and passion is to write, record, mix, and master. Although I am a novice audio engineer, I am a problem solver, detail oriented, and a perfectionist. My goal is to work with you to produce professional sounding audio at a reasonable price.

Services offered:

- Session electric guitar or bass using my Fractal Axe FX. I have been playing guitar and bass for 10+ years and am versatile in style and speed with particular attention to tone.

- Reamping of your current dry guitar or bass parts using the Axe FX. I will work with you to find the perfect guitar or bass tone for your track using a world renowned guitar and bass signal processor. I will require a dry recording to be reamped. I will charge a flat rate of $20/song for this service.

- Mixing of recorded track. My goal is to provide the highest quality audio track based on your recommended reference tracks. My attention to detail and focus on achieving a full and pleasant sound is demonstrated in my instrumental soundcloud tracks. My mixing abilities extend to all genres and instruments/vocals. My goal is to complete your mixed track within a week of its reception and I am available for 3 revisions to the track after payment. Deliverables include a final mix that can be taken elsewhere for mastering and my own mastered version of the track free of charge.

- Mastering of a single, demo, or full album. The tracks will be optimized for CD and online distribution.

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.

Gear highlights

  • Axe FX
  • Waves VST Plugins
  • Pro Tools 11

Genres I specialize in

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