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Jeff Miguel

Studio Saxophonist


The Hero's Journey - Jeff Miguel

Furry Noises - Fire Sale

Rendez-Gnu - Concordance Project

Perseverance - Jeff Miguel

Prehensile Tales - Pattern Seeking Animals

The Forest for the Trees - Devitt Elverson

Under a Shadow of Blue - Peter Berglund

Energie - Mark Baughman's Working Theory

Up and Running - Lee Adkins

I Ain't Got Nothing But the Blues - Natalie Bancroft

Tonight - u-sayn

Influenced - Beverly Tinnell

Hometown - Frame Culture

Sweet Seasons - Ben Anderson Jr.

Cass Clayton Band - Cass Clayton

Eclipse - the Jazztet

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Swing Break - William & the Romantics

The One I Praise - Rachel Hughes

Your heart is as black as night - Natalie Bancroft

Live at the Clinton Street Social Club - Brooke Sings Band Swings

Moving Forward - Grace Leong

Forgive Me - u-sayn

Todos Somos Duenos De Aqui - Laban

Jo Dil Tha Mera - Pankaj Dave

Nighthawks at McCoys - Time

Melissa on Fire - Gary Dean Smith

Saxy Nights - Suve

The Show - Alan Goldberg

Talk Tonight - Fabian Friend

Tiny Mind Massive Soul - Dana T

Here to Say! - Fatum Brothers Jazz Orchestra

La'Kyla VS. Kyleezy - La'Kyla Byrd

Sill Smokin' - LC's Latin Jazz Band

Time Has Come - Vox System

Pineapple Twist - Causeway Stars

Move - Timothy Jayy

Merged Time - MP Grey

In Iowa - Steve Grismore

Polka Folka - Polka Folka

Magical Thinking - Bedroom Days

Sugar In My Bowl - Natalie Bancroft

Sabor - Half Pint and the Growlers

Interesting Times - Devitt Elverson

Good Friends - Frame Culture

Spellbound - Gary Dean Smith

Secret - Ezrato

living room - Ryan Vetter