Music for Explainer Videos

Royalty-Free Background Music Tracks for Explainer and Product Videos

Royalty-free professional music you can use for your videos, commercials or explainer videos, courtesy of SoundBetter.
Completely free. Download now.





Good background music can make a video inspire. When it comes to choosing the right background music for your video or commercial, the right track can elevate your video from just another run-of-the-mill, typical project into an impressive, high-value production.

If you use music with questionable quality you run the risk of sounding unprofessional or just like everyone else. If you use a video with confusing royalty licenses, you risk your video getting taken down for infringement.

That's why we at SoundBetter—the largest online marketplace of musical and production talent—are giving you (yes for free), these 3 custom made, royalty-free instrumental music tracks for your next video project. They were written and performed by Nashville-based The Songwriting Team.

These high-quality free background-music tracks will suit a variety of online media projects from fun and uplifting music for your product or explainer video, to instrumental, chill guitar tracks for YouTube videos or as well as product explainer videos.

Because we're releasing them completely royalty free, you can use all of these free instrumental music tracks however and wherever you'd like with no attribution required (although it's always appreciated - 'Music from SoundBetter).

You worked hard to make your video look the best it possibly can be. Don't cut corners when it comes to putting these final important touches on it. Good music helps reinforce your message, keeps viewers engaged, and gives your video that polished and professional feel. Download and use these background music tracks from SoundBetter today, for free!


About SoundBetter: SoundBetter is a curated marketplace of the world’s top musical talent including Grammy, Emmy, and Oscar winners. Need a full song written and recorded, vocals sung on your tracks, or a record mixed? SoundBetter lets you connect with and work with the industry’s best talent in a safe, secure, and easy environment.