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I need a good female/male TAMIL vocalist(above 18 years) who is versatile/dynamic and can do upbeat,uptempo pop tracks.
Prerequisites are as::
1) The present track will have to be fitted(key/scale) to suit this singer.
(it might take a few iterations)
2) Once the key is fixed, the track will be transposed.
3) The transposed track should be used to practice.
4) Practice vocals sent to me....Once am happy, final recording can be done in your private studio
@ 24bit depth/96k sample rate(VERY IMPORTANT)
5) Vocals need to be recorded on a line by line or 2 lines(of lyrics) basis at a time.
6) Kindly get at least 3 good takes of each line by line or 2 lines(of lyrics) of vocals as
a .wav file each.
7) The price I can pay for each track is $75/=(Maximum)

Our music is: Pop

Artists Katy Perry, Rihanna

I'd like to have the job done by Apr 30, 2014