NYC//Harlem artist looking to polish up my raw noise: Rap/Trap/Ambient 108th //119th 212Thraxxx

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    Whats up everyone!
    I'm an artist hailing from NYC, NY
    I rep HARLEM 108th //119th st WE OUT HERE
    Got a producer from 112th st RAP//TRAP//AMBIENT
    so we are local youth doing it.
    Problem is---- None of us learned how to polish songs down or even make over dubs properly.

    Heres my last project

    My new project has original artwork & instrumentals
    so im trying to not make it sound like raw noise.
    professional buisnessmen just buckwild in the streets

    Artists Slayer, Gucci mane, Cypress Hill

    I'd like to have the job done by Oct 15, 2014