Need 5 songs remixed on our EP

Myself and my brother are in a group and are interested in getting professional studio help with our recently released EP. We are currently on Spotify with said tracks, which we mixed ourselves, however, while our sound is there the quality is not. Our group name is Exiles at a Gathering. We are in the alternative rock genre. Any assistance would be appreciated. If we could get a proper mix that is professional perhaps we can proceed further wilth a full album later on. We have all original used audio via WAV format and entire projects saved under a Presonus Studio One format. Any portions that would need to be re recorded we can do so. Thank you, Connor G Exiles at a Gathering 865-978-0085

Additional info:
I'm interested in working with a very experienced mixer. I need it by 1 December, 2021. I'll need you to master it too if possible. . I need the mixer to do some editing, time aligning and vocal tuning before mixing. The song has less than 10 tracks recorded that need mixing.