how much do you produce a song for

hi, im thinking of producing a 12-13 song album. i have almost all of them written out but i need a producer. i'm hoping to get one song out by december. and the rest of the album sometime next year. also would there be an additional cost for you to mix and master for me? thanks, Lolia

Additional info:
I'll hire a different pro mixer and mastering engineer, for the moment I'm just interested in production. The lyrics and vocal melody are already written. I need someone to help with the entire song-making process - writing, arrangement, creating background music/beat, other instrumentation, mixing and mastering. I need it delivered by DATE. I'm looking to hire a very experienced producer. I will be recording vocals on my own. I'm looking for someone to record some additional sound effects, short drum loops, or other production elements. I'm an independent artist not affiliated with a record label. .