Looking to get a song produced

I've got one song which I wrote in February called Fall Apart. The track doesn't need to be finished until June/July, but I wanted to get a head start. I was hoping to make a kind of Indie/Indie pop track. Nothing too fancy, just some guitar, drums and a bit of piano. No need for loads of heavy production. I've got a rough demo which I can send over so you get an idea of the tone/feeling of the song. Thanks

Additional info:
I'm looking to hire a very experienced producer. I want a beat made. The lyrics and vocal melody are already written. I will be recording vocals on my own. Check out what I attached. I'm looking for someone to re-record a demo I've already created, but with high-quality samples, synths, and effects. I'd like you to also mix and master if possible. I'm an independent artist not affiliated with a record label. I don't have a hard deadline for this.