I need 1 song mixed

This is a chill vibe R&B/ Hip Hop song that I recorded with an Auto-Tune, a little bit of reeverb and a widening preset from a delay plug in. I can’t remove these effects because I recorded them with the audio but I am hoping that someone can mix it better even if these effects are on. I need the song more alive and just sounding much better in general. I need it to sync more in with the beat and I need someone who can make it as professional as possible. (Mabye put more auto-tune or reeverb or delay) just make it better in general. I definetly need some delay on the hook. And it needs EQ, compressor and a limiter. I don’t know how to use eq, limiter and compressor and that is why I did not do it myself. I can send you the song like it is now and then I can send you the stems (the vocals and the beat sperate) Thank you.

Additional info:
I'm interested in working with a very experienced mixer. I don't have a hard deadline for this. I need the mixer to do some editing, time aligning and vocal tuning before mixing. The song has somewhere between 10 and 30 tracks recorded that need mixing. I don't need the song mastered. .