Need One song Mixed

I want to mix the first single of my soloist project. I'm an independent artist. The song has around 30 recorded tracks. The drums are programmed in Native Instruments 70's drummer. The guitars are recorded with Axe Fx II, the vocals are recorded with slate mic, the bass is recorded with a D.I and Amp Sim. Keyboards are recorded with plugins. All the instruments are recorded live, except the drummer. The genre is Alternative Funk Pop/Rock in the general style of JohMayer and Lenny Kravitz. The deadline for the project is within November with a flexible start date. Thanks!!

Additional info:
The song has somewhere between 30 and 50 tracks recorded that need mixing. The tracks are cleaned, tuned, and and the song is ready to be mixed. I don't need the song mastered. I'm looking to hire a top pro who's worked on hit songs, and have the budget for that. I need it by 29 November, 2019. .