Mixing and mastering

My name is Miguel and I'm looking to get my music professionally mixed and mastered. I have a lot of songs that needs work done. I have the instrumentals (originals beats of course) and the vocals, the tracks vary on each song... I usually have the main vocal track, hook track, doubles, adlibs and such. Please get back at me and let me know how much it'll cost per song. Now this song that I've attached I lost the file to so I only got this version as a whole... Lmk what magic you can work for me.

Additional info:
The song has somewhere between 10 and 30 tracks recorded that need mixing. The tracks are cleaned, tuned, and and the song is ready to be mixed. I'll need you to master it too if possible. I'm looking to hire a top pro who's worked on hit songs, and have the budget for that. I don't have a hard deadline for this. Check out the song I attached.