I'm Looking To Have A Mixtape Produced

I am looking for someone who can bring the ideas that I have for my mixtape alive. Listen to my personal creativity and be able to understand what I'm trying to bring to the table for the mixtape. Someone who can kind of understand where I'm going as far as my artistry and the songs are concerned. Someone to be able to efficiently mix and master the songs as well as record my vocals kind of critique me and give me advice on what should be changed. Or what should be done, whether my voice should be higher or lower, if I'm on the right pitch things like that.

Additional info:
I have a song already recorded and want some additional production elements - sound effects, synths, samples, percussion, re-recorded instruments. The lyrics and vocal melody are already written. I will be recording vocals on my own. I'm looking for someone to re-record a demo I've already created, but with high-quality samples, synths, and effects. I'd like you to also mix and master if possible. I'm looking to hire a very experienced producer. I don't have a hard deadline for this. Check out what I attached.